Where to start when designing your home

Where to start when designing your home

It can be overwhelming when we start to think about designing and building a new home. So where can you start when it comes to your new home?
First you need to think about your priorities. What rooms in my house are the most important? Why are they the most important? 
Then you can start to think about your priorities for that specific room. What do I want most out of this room? Is it capturing the views, having plenty of space, being well organized and functional, etc...
When you start to break down your home design into individual rooms that will help you keep from feeling overwhelmed. You can then go room by room setting your priorities. Deciding what things are nice options but not a necessity and what things are a must have.
With this list of priorities in hand you can explain with confidence what you want to achieve with your new home design to your home designer.
Helping people through that process is one of the things we enjoy the most here at Blue Canyon Design Group. When you are able to take someone's list of priorities and form them into a functioning house design that they love, that is very enjoyable!
So if you need help with any part of the home design process, feel free to call or email us and we will do all we can to help.


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"It was a pleasure to work with Steve and Rodney! They helped us through the process and designed a home that was exactly what we wanted."

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